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Night Shift Development helps organizations operate more efficiently by building them the tools they need to exploit their business data.

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ClearQuery no-code customizable dashboard view with automated insights

Our Mission

The Night Shift Development team is on a mission to democratize data analytics and build data-driven solutions for users of any technical skill level.

Technology solutions are a tool humans use to find the answers they need– not the answer itself. Technology solutions should conform to the users, not the other way around. Our mission is to build data-driven technical solutions for users of any technical skill level.

Our Solutions
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Data Analytics. For Everyone.

ClearQuery, our flagship product, is an augmented intelligence and analytics platform designed for nontechnical users that allows end users to rapidly search, explore, and analyze their data through an intuitive interface that enables clear visual, conversational, and traditional search and analytics experiences while producing automated insights as users explore their data.

What Our Clients Say

"This hard working team was able to solve some of our most complex, mission critical problems with some very innovative techniques."

Director of Security
Large Federal Contractor

"The Night Shift team was simply phenomenal. Their expertise and coaching mentality helped speed up the timelines of our project, ensure the quality that we wanted, and adequately prepared the team to take over seamlessly when their work had finished. Night Shift set the high bar that we look for when engaging consultants"

Matt Camilli
Director of Engineering, Skyword

"Night Shift Development is one of those needles you rarely find in the haystack. Their team combines intelligence, natural ability, and work ethic to bring about excellent results."

Chief Executive Officer
Data Analytics Firm

Night Shift Development is a solutions provider on a mission to democratize data analytics by putting solutions into the hands of users of all technical skill levels.

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